Our Inspiration

Our name stems from the Blue Ocean Strategy which is built on the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and reasonable cost to open new market space and create demand. We strive to capture uncontested market space, with the belief that market boundaries and industry structure are not a given and can be reconstructed by the actions and beliefs of industry players. In Blue Oceans, demand is created, and there is ample opportunity for rapid growth and profitability. It is an analogy that describes the vast and deep potential of unexplored spaces. We continuously focus on innovation, differentiation, and affordable care to unlock hidden opportunities and expand our market space. This mindset is reflected in everything we do.

What we stand for

We capitalize on strong market opportunities, being the largest integrated fertility provider with in-house genetic capabilities, integrative medicine, IVF, fetal maternal medicine, women’s health, and extending our healthcare services to tertiary care.

We boast strong supply chain efficiencies with advanced negotiating power, newest lab technologies, fit-to-purpose processes, and a patient-centric approach. We strive to do things better.

We manage our business and operations at all levels with centralized technologies and a rigorous approach to best in class standardization and control to improve the quality of health care.



To build a fully integrated healthcare platform providing best-in-class patient journeys and medical outcomes, with a focus on standardization, superiority, and professional excellence.


To be the standard for institutional healthcare management.


Care. Excellence. Innovation.

How we work

We bring you the power of innovation and excellence with our world-class fertility solutions, making the treatment, prediction, and prevention easier and more accessible. Our unwavering commitment to positive medical outcomes and optimized patient journeys is based on differentiated offerings and innovation. Our business model and strategy are designed to continuously foster efficiency and profitability and strengthen our reputation and brand superiority. Most importantly, we embrace a high standard of quality care putting our patients first.